ThruPut Manager Upgrade Request

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  • TM V7 R1.0 - Maintenance to PTF TMT7110
    - Supports z/OS 1.13 - z/OS 2.2

The upgrade is delivered via electronic delivery in one of two formats...

  1. TM-Quikload Upgrade - Install or Refresh the entire product and corresponding SMP/e environment with this pre-installed package...
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  2. SMP/e Upgrade - Install the upgrade using standard SMP/e RECEIVE and APPLY. It builds on an existing SMP/e environment and is not applicable for new installs...
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* You must be a licensed ThruPut Manager customer and under current maintenance to be eligible for the upgrade.

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ThruPut Manager V7

ThruPut Manager Version 7 R1.0 is the supporting platform for z/OS 2.1 and above.

  • Available for all editions
  • Compatible with TM V6 R2
  • Integrates with your current version of ThruPut Manager
  • Included with maintenance contract