ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created

Automated Capacity Management

Save Even More When Using Sub-Capacity Pricing

ThruPut Manager AE now provides automated capacity management facilities for installations using or considering sub-capacity pricing. In addition to the existing automation and optimization features, installations can constrain or defer low importance batch as a peak approaches and resume normal service when it passes, generating significant monthly software savings with no impact to online service or mission critical batch.

Generate Real Savings

For intermediate-sized installations, monthly software fees can be $500,000 to $1,000,000 or more. We estimate these installations can save $40,000 - $80,000 per month using ThruPut Manager AE to manage their processor usage, for yearly savings of up to $1 million.

Reduce the Peak Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA)

Installations use IBM’s sub-capacity pricing to treat a CEC to be smaller than it is, for the purpose of software pricing. This pricing model is based on the Rolling 4-Hour Average(R4HA), that is, the CPU usage averaged over the previous four hours. The software charges for the month are based on the highest Rolling 4-Hour Average for the whole month.

ThruPut Manager AE continuously monitors the Rolling 4-Hour Average for each LPAR and optionally, LPAR group, comparing it to a “capacity target” which can be:

  • the Defined Capacity for an LPAR or
  • the Group Limit for an LPAR Group or
  • a capacity target defined to ThruPut Manager AE when the installation does not use soft-capping.

When the Rolling 4-Hour Average approaches the capacity target, ThruPut Manager AE automatically constrains or defers lower importance batch as specified by the installation, and correspondingly relaxes these constraints as the average decreases.

The lower the peak Rolling 4-Hour Average for the month on that machine, the lower the monthly bill for each software product participating in sub-capacity pricing.