ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created

ThruPut Manager AE Resources

ThruPut Manager AE Product Overview - This booklet provides a comprehensive introduction to TM AE.
Automated Workload Management introduces TM AE and its cost savings benefits.
Automated Capacity Management introduces the Automated Capacity Management feature of TM AE and how you can significantly reduce your Monthly License Charges.
ThruPut Manager AE Automated Capacity Management Highlights - Technical highlights of the ThruPut Manager AE features that support datacenters using sub-capacity pricing.
ThruPut Manager AE and Sub-capacity Pricing discusses the merits of managing your batch workload to lower the monthly peak in your 4-hour rolling average, thereby lowering your monthly software charges.
ThruPut Manager AE and Production Batch explores how ThruPut Manager AE improves your batch environment and ensures your production gets the service it needs.
ThruPut Manager AE and Dynamic Initiators discusses initiator requirements and how ThruPut Manager AE optimizes and automates batch job queueing and initiation.
ThruPut Manager and Software License Savings explains how ThruPut Manager makes it possible for datacenters to significantly reduce their software license expenses while keeping changes transparent to their users and maintaining a streamlined operational environment.
ThruPut Manager AE and Datacenter Savings discusses four ways ThruPut Manager AE can positively impact the datacenter's budget for year to year savings.