ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created


The automation and modernization of batch workload management results in savings to the enterprise.

  • Software licensing costs can be substantially reduced.
  • Installations using sub-capacity pricing can generate significant monthly savings.
  • Simplification saves staff time and training for all batch stakeholders.
  • Service improvements deliver the business value expected of a modern datacenter.
  • Improved throughput and capacity utilization saves hardware and associated software by deferring upgrades and making lower "soft cap" limits possible, while maintaining acceptable batch service levels.

Organizational changes may be hard to predict and quantify but many managers have told us this is where they will realize the most savings. Automating the tedious, labor-intensive and error-prone parts of operations leaves skilled staff free to take on more valuable project work. Having an effective way to capture and act on the user service goals may yield even greater business value.

Easier to quantify are the savings reflected in a datacenter budget. Automation and its attendant optimizations can reduce the batch window needed to run your workload. This can be realized by running on a smaller machine, deferring upgrades to larger machines and/or running with a lower soft cap. Whichever option you choose, hardware savings means system software savings, since the pricing of most system software, from IBM and other vendors, is based on the hardware it is running on.

With ThruPut Manager AE, you can push this strategy one step further. Since TM AE gives preference to your important workload, you can now afford to run even more constrained, knowing that only less important work will be impacted. This means you no longer have to size your machines for the monthly peak to ensure your important workloads are not compromised.

ThruPut Manager AE provides an extraordinary opportunity to save software licensing costs. In the past, it has been simpler to license all the LPARs in a datacenter for all the licensed software. Work could be moved around without worrying about license compliance and maintenance tasks were more uniform across LPARs. However with licensing costs now comprising a significant percentage of the datacenter budget, that strategy may be questionable.

ThruPut Manager AE mitigates the inconvenience of licensing fewer machines, while ensuring compliance and avoiding penalty charges. Several users, while deriving many benefits from the product, tell us they justify the product on this consideration alone.

Installations using sub-capacity pricing can constrain or defer low importance batch as a peak approaches and resume normal service when it passes, generating significant monthly savings.

ThruPut Manager AE takes a systemic approach to optimizing batch in the z/OS context and savings are derived throughout the system, making batch more efficient and easier to manage in every datacenter.