ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created

Context & Scope

ThruPut Manager AE runs in a z/OS JES2 environment. It is complementary to and designed to work with your job scheduler; however, TM AE is not a job scheduler. Job schedulers manage the dependencies between jobs and the order and time they should be submitted in. However, once the jobs are submitted to z/OS, the job scheduler has little further effect. This is when TM AE goes to work. Its influence extends from submission of a job to the end of executing that job. It makes sure the jobs are processed efficiently, automatically reacting to processing shortages and other problems as they arise. Further, TM AE has influence over the entire batch workload. Accordingly, it is able to minimize any interference of non-production or lower priority production with your critical production applications.

Nor is ThruPut Manager AE an application code, job-stream or scheduling optimizer. Good tools are available for such purposes. Rather, TM AE addresses the system management of batch, using its knowledge of the workload and the resources available to automatically process all batch workload through z/OS and JES2 in the best manner possible.

ThruPut Manager AE does all this without changes to user JCL or your native JES2 and WLM. In fact, TM AE has a stellar history of keeping up with all new versions of z/OS, JES2 and Workload Manager.