ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created


  • Simplifies the management of system resources and batch workload priorities
  • The system environment for batch is easier to set up and maintain
  • Ongoing batch operation requires less monitoring and intervention
  • Dependency on scarce batch knowledge and skills is reduced
  • Datacenter agility is enhanced by removing dependency on user compliance and JCL
  • Software can easily be licensed on fewer or smaller images

With ThruPut Manager AE the systems environment for batch is easier to setup, operate and support. More of the operational decisions are directly captured by the TM AE policies. The de facto SLA becomes obvious and is much easier to analyse and change as your organization changes. The necessary skill level for batch operation and system support is stepped down and knowledge loss when people move on is much reduced.

Since ThruPut Manager AE has automatic escalation when goals are in jeopardy of not being met, operators don’t need to constantly scan for emerging problems, or to mitigate capacity shortages or other system problems by starting and stopping initiators, cancelling and restarting jobs, and adjusting priorities of jobs. TM AE either anticipates and avoids the situation (e.g., allocation recovery, dataset contention) or mitigates it (e.g., by detecting where work could run and sending it there, by starting and stopping initiators, by manipulating priorities to give preference to more urgent work) – all automatically.

ThruPut Manager AE decouples datacenter decisions from the classing straitjacket and user JCL. (Without TM AE the datacenter is dependent on users to comply with datacenter standards for JCL, classing and using shared resources. Simple changes often require extraordinary co-ordination and involvement with the user community. Users are frustrated with the demands to comply with a seemingly arbitrary set of standards.)