ThruPut Manager

Tactically Address

Specific Batch Problems and Bottlenecks

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ThruPut Manager SE (Standard Edition), or TM SE, with ThruPut Manager's base module alone or with one or more of its optional components, allows a datacenter to tactically address specific batch issues. TM SE solutions for batch include:

  • Restricting software to a specific system to reduce software license fees.
  • Managing dataset contention, ensuring priority workload gets access as datasets become available.
  • Binding jobs to run where a specific database, software license or other resource resides.
  • Limiting the number of jobs with similar resource requirements running concurrently, preventing over-utilization of resources.
  • Merging different workload standards due to datacenter consolidation and acquisitions.
  • Pre-staging HSM and VTS recalls which otherwise delay jobs at run-time.
  • Eliminating interference with production from TSO sessions holding datasets.
  • Moving an entire application with a single command, when its "home" system has an unexpected outage.