ThruPut Manager®

ThruPut Manager is the premier batch service management software product for z/OS and JES2. It simplifies the datacenter environment and provides better service to users with minimal operator intervention. ThruPut Manager improves resource utilization and system throughput, delivering more work using less of the batch window. CPU upgrades can be deferred and software costs can be reduced for year-on-year savings.

ThruPut Manager is tightly integrated with z/OS, giving it the right level of system information and control to truly re-architect the service management of batch. It is a holistic, total solution which automates and modernizes batch system management.

ThruPut Manager is available in the following three editions which build on each other. For an edition comparison, visit the "Edition Features" chart. Whether you choose MVS Solutions' ThruPut Manager AE (Automation Edition), ThruPut Manager AE (Automation Edition Plus) or ThruPut Manager SE (Standard Edition), you get the features that make us the industry leader in batch innovation. Explore the links below to learn which ThruPut Manager edition is right for your business.