ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created

ThruPut Manager Version 6
TM AE V6 Technical Specs

As of January, 2014 ThruPut Manager Version 6 will be "Withdrawn from Marketing" and carries a soft "Service Discontinued" date of September 2016. TM V6 will continue to be stabilized and supported until this date.

ThruPut Manager Version 7 R1.0

Product Availability:
Announced: 10/2013
Market Withdrawal: N/A
Service Discontinued: N/A
For detailed information on ThruPut Manager availability, visit Product Availability
z/OS Compatibility:
Support for z/OS 1.13 - z/OS 2.1
For detailed information on ThruPut Manager support by z/OS level, visit z/OS Release Compatibility

The following is a list of enhancements for ThruPut Manager AE by PTF maintenance level. For a complete detailed list of fixes, documentation changes, please see PTF Details.

ThruPut Manager Version 7 - General Availability

ThruPut Manager Version 7 is now generally available and fully supports all new z/OS 2.1 functionality. TM V7R1.0 will exploit much of the new z/OS 2.1 functionality and will require some changes to the standard ThruPut Manager installation.

  • Support for 8 Character job classes
  • Support for z/OS 2.1 JCL Changes
  • Support for SYSOUT Services (SOS) for OUPUT statement and COPYCNT= DDNAME=,MERGE
  • Remove ACF2 FMID
  • IBM ALLOCxx option, SYSTEM.BATCH_RCLMIGDS=PARALLEL. When this option is used, ThruPut Manager is not involved in HSM recalls at execution time. (For TM AE, it continues to issue HSM recalls at analysis. For TM SE it continues to issue HSM recalls at analysis if requested.
  • Allow JES3 CLASS parameter of *MAIN statement used as input class (with support for 8-char class).
  • Remove need for $$SLM Service Class
  • Remove DISCRETIONARY Service Classes from SLM Policy definiton