ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created

ThruPut Manager Version 7

ThruPut Manager Version 6 R2.0

Product Availability:
Announced: 08/2009
Market Withdrawal: 01/2014
Service Discontinued: 09/2016
For detailed information on ThruPut Manager availability, visit Product Availability
z/OS Compatibility:
Support for z/OS 1.12 - z/OS 2.1
For detailed information on ThruPut Manager support by z/OS level, visit z/OS Release Compatibility

The following is a list of enhancements for ThruPut Manager AE by PTF maintenance level. For a complete detailed list of fixes, documentation changes, please see PTF Details.

Maintenance Level TMT6219 / TMT6220

General Availability of ThruPut Manager Version 6 PTF TMT6220 is now available and fully supports all new z/OS 2.1 functionality and requires almost no changes to ThruPut Manager parameters or procedures but will not exploit z/OS 2.1. As of January, 2014 ThruPut Manager Version 6 will be "Withdrawn from Marketing" and carries a soft "Service Discontinued" date of September 2016. TM V6 will continue to be stabilized and supported until this date.

ThruPut Manager Version 6 Release 2.0 - PTF TMT6220 provides the following support:

  • support for z/OS 2.1
  • DAL descriptor added for new z/OS 1.13 JCL DD FREEVOL= keyword
  • Addition of $OUTCLASS JAL descriptor
  • EAV support added for all TM files
  • Support for VTAM/PAT volume and unit counts
  • Support for full range of $DBS_DLM descriptors in JAL
  • ThruPut Manager (SE,AE,AE+) now runs in the same service class as JES2 provided there are at least 2 logical processors online in the LPAR.
  • Allow SAC table entries to have PGM/PANEL/Command "*"
  • Maintenance and Minor Enhancements
  • Updated documentation level set TM6R2-12

ThruPut Manager AE superset includes:

  • Improved SLM TRACE capability with better persistency across TM recycling
  • For Automated Capacity Management, improved detection of softcapping status in conjunction with IBM SMF record TYPE 99 subtype 11.
  • SLM dialogue improvements
  • Provide command to allow SLM to RESUME the service class assignment for a job after the operator changed the service class for an executing job.
  • Update SLM ACTIVATE command to accept NON_PRIME

Maintenance Level TMT6218

  • SLM – Allow General Services selection points by member
  • SLM – Allow configuration of Preferred Server – available when JESplex at TMT6218
  • Exploit WLM APAR OA39437

Maintenance Level TMT6217

  • SLM support for z/PDT
  • Detect/Report (EOJ report) operator reset of Service Class
  • Handle WLM change in z/OS 1.13. Technical Bulletin TM120424
  • Display messages DTM8172E / DTM8173I when WLM indicates system resources are scarce.
  • Add additional Automated Capacity Management Service Classes

Maintenance Level TMT6216

  • A new SLM SET DCS command is available to allow JECL/JAL overrides for SLM/DCS SERVICE based on the value of a switch.

Maintenance Level TMT6215

  • SLM Dialogs can now be used to update policies even when SLM/TMSS are down
  • New JAL statements to update SLM JOB_IMPORTANCE SLM SET JOB_IMPORTANCE($) - Reset importance to value when JAL was entered This will set it to whatever was specified via JECL or it will set it to zero (NONE). SLM SET JOB_IMPORTANCE(NONE) - Set importance to zero. If necessary, a default importance will be assigned by SLM
  • /TM CLASS SET ... (NONE) FORCE - The "FORCE" keyword has been removed
  • /SLM FALLBACK - New required keyword… (ALL, PCSONLY or GSONLY)

Maintenance Level TMT6214

Maintenance Level TMT6213

  • The PCS STC pgmname has been changed. Use PGM=DTMPCSV6 instead of PGM=DTMTMV6. PGM=DTMTMV6 will continue to function until further notice.
  • A new report showing the AMD information is produced using the following JCL. //REPORT EXEC PGM=DTMDCSR6,REGION=0M,TIME=NOLIMIT, // PARM='your.amd.file' //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*
  • SLM Dialogues HSM Options Updates. SLM jobs needing more than 40 recalls are now not put on hold. Instead a message will be issued if the job exceeds the limit and only that specified limit will be recalled. If either a JAL limit or a SLM policy limit has been set and the job exceeds that number, then message DTM1464I will be issued and the number of recalls specified in JAL or the SLM policy will be issued. JAL - JSS RECALL ALL MAX_WAIT(20) LIMIT(10) DTM1464I JOB JALLIMIT REQUIRES 41 TAPE RECALLS. JAL LIMIT IS 10 SLM - Policy contains: Maximum Number Of allowed TAPE Recalls: __3 DTM1464I JOB SLMLIMIT REQUIRES 41 TAPE RECALLS. SLM LIMIT IS 3
  • Verification of CA7 exit availability is now provided. Messages will be issued indicating any problem encountered.

Maintenance Level TMT6212

  • This maintenance provides support for SLM Capacity Management, general maintenance and PCS performance improvements and enhancements.
  • SLM Capacity Management is introduced to assist installations that are using Sub-Capacity Pricing from IBM and Independent Software Vendors to control software license fees. Refer to the Automation Edition Supplement for more details.
  • SLM dialog option now provides the ability to change the maximum HSM tape recalls default allowed before a job will be put on MHS_HOLD.

Maintenance Level TMT6211

  • Support multi period service classes
  • Enhanced Service Class mapping
  • Enhance SLM displays
  • Changes to the JESplex Configurations and SLM Definition Services panels that now verify changes are being made on the lowest level system.

Maintenance Level TMT6210

Maintenance Level TMT6209

  • This maintenance provides z/OS 1.12 support and general maintenancne

Maintenance Level TMT6208

Maintenance Level TMT6207

Maintenance Level TMT6206

Maintenance Level TMT6205

  • This maintenance provides support for z/OS 1.11 and general maintenance.

Maintenance Level TMT6203 & TMT6204

Maintenance Level TMT6202

  • This maintenance provides fixes and enhancement to the TM/SLM component.
  • Add ACTIVATION date time and userid to the SLM Policy information available in the SLM dialog.

Maintenance Level TMT6201

  • SLM START/INIT commands and SLM Parms
  • SLM performance enhancements
  • Jobs requeued to Defer class not SLM managed
  • Updates to the SLM JOB and TMUSER information to include JOB Select info.
  • SLM Job Summary Report has been expanded
  • On Demand Initiators added for TM/AE users