ThruPut Manager

The Most Complete Automation Solution

for z/OS Batch Ever Created

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ThruPut Manager Version 7 is now available and fully supports all new z/OS 2.1 functionality. TM V7 is the platform for all future functionality and enhancements.

The new functionality of z/OS 2.1 is supported and further exploited including:
  • 8-Character Job Classes
  • Back to Back Converter/Interpreter
  • Dynamic ENQ Downgrade
  • New JCL Keywords
Our “next generation” of support services are significantly improved and easier to use:
  • The ThruPut Manager documentation library has undergone extensive reorganization and simplification
  • A new ThruPut Manager online education service offers learner paced training you can take at your convenience
  • A new MVS Solutions website provides customers with enhanced support services
New packaging will simplify product installation and deployment:
  • The former TM/DBS and TM/JES3 components are included with ThruPut Manager AE (Automation Edition).